Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Maryland Catholic Conference and Illegals: Not Telling the Whole Story, Again.

According to the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC):

Undocumented immigrants are barred from receiving many federal benefits, including food stamps, temporary cash assistance (welfare), permanent housing, social security, the earned income tax credit and most forms of Medicaid.

Once again, the gang at the MCC is stating a correct fact to give you the impression that illegal aliens get nothing. However, the truth is very, very different.

Although they may be barred, in reality we know that there are billions being spent on them.

The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that illegal aliens cost Medicaid approximately $2.5 billion per year; and, Food Assistance Programs, such as food stamps, WID and free school lunches, approximately $1.9 billion per year.

So, it is costing you, a grant total $4.4 billion per year.

Once again, we have the MCC not quite telling the full story.

Once again, Richard Dowling, Julie Varner and the crew should be given a couple of pink slips.


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Anonymous said...

Who is getting all of this money being spent on "them?" Is it disppearing into thin air never to be seen again? Is it vanishing never to be put into the economy? All the money that is being spent on "those" people goes back into the economy. Money for free lunches for children of illegal immigtants goes into the checks of lunch ladies and the kitchen crew. They in turn use that money to buy things at the local grocer who in turn takes his/her profit to hire a new worker or pay a few bills.
So where does this money go? Well, back into the economy.