Sunday, January 6, 2008

Traditional Marriage in Maryland - Under Attack Again

Although I find a number of things wrong with the Maryland Catholic Conference, let me take this opportunity to do applaud their statements on marriage.

Last year, there was a very concerted effort to change the definition. We were lucky, in so far as the Maryland Court of Appeals (the highest in the state) upheld the ban on same-sex marriage in Sept. 2007.

However, some in the homosexual community are looking for more smaller changes, which will eventually lead to bigger changes.

Others, such as Sen. Richard Madaleno Jr. (D-Mont. Co.), who is openly gay, stated in today's Washington Post: In the end, we decided that marriage equality is what we want. We need to educate people as to why it is marriage and not civil unions that we want."

Again, this brings me back to a much earlier posting on dealing with legislators in the Maryland Assembly: The MCC must remind every Catholic in the Archdiocese, that legislators like Madaleno are not friends of the Catholic Church. When they get into that voting booth, they in good conscience, should not vote for them.

Forget the lobbying day, forget the letters, they will not work. It is time we take the gloves off and target these guys for defeat. If not, we will keep fighting these battles each and every year. Even though we keep winning, there is a toll and we are slowly loosing ground.

Unfortunately, based on our current strategy lead by the bishops, we are fighting a loosing battle.

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