Thursday, February 14, 2008

Legislative Night 2008 should be called "Let's Reward Ilegal Activity" Night

The Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) continues to push for a variety of benefits for “undocumented workers” (for those of you in Annapolis, it means “illegal aliens” – you know, those who have come into the country without a visa or have overstayed it).

How do they do so?

Well, as part of their Lobby Night 2008 packet, they state that they oppose the following bills:

Four bills (SB 93, SB 621, HB 288, and HB 1046) would prohibit undocumented immigrants from obtaining drivers licenses. One bill (SB 277) would imprison those who unlawfully apply for or use a drivers license and cannot prove they are present in the United States lawfully.

Wow, can you believe that they not only support giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens but the even oppose any sort of penalties to those who attempt to attain them.

What’s next free education? Why yes, of course.

And so, the Archbishop has to close Catholic schools, enrollment is down at many because parents cannot afford the tuition, the MCC can barely get money for text books for Catholic schools, but they are more than willing to push for instate tuition for those who are here illegally. All they are doing is siphoning money.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

But folks, that is not all, they also oppose the following:

One bill (SB 681) would require police officers who detain individuals determined by the officers to be undocumented, to inform the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Another (HB 1074) would require DNA samples to be collected from undocumented immigrants under arrest. Another (SB 112) would prohibit District Courts from granting pretrial release to individuals who cannot prove that they are in the United States lawfully. Three bills (SB 421, HB 735, and HB 885) would prohibit Maryland counties and municipalities from restricting their personnel from gathering or communicating information on individuals’ immigration status.

So, the MCC opposes local law enforcement to let ICE know that someone is here illegally and even to gather information on their immigration status.

Heck, why even bother to enforce any laws. So, when a priest molests a child, who cares, it’s only a child. When someone steals money donated to the Church, hey it’s only money. When a guy rapes a woman, hey, it’s only sex. (Please note, that I do not hold these views, I am only following the logic of the MCC.)

The Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Washington DC finds their elementary schools closing because of a lack of funding, anti-marriage and anti-family legislation being pushed thru and abortion the norm, because they are more worried about rewarding those who have come here illegally than focusing on many of the basics.

They ally themselves with those who claim to be supporting social justice, only to find that those are the same politicians are more than willing to turn on the Church after they have gotten their vote and support.

But the MCC keeps coming back to them. They must be gluttons for punishment.

Oh, and one last thing, if you notice that for every topic – death penalty, housing, etc. – there is a contact. Notice that for illegal aliens, there is none. Now, here is the dirty little secret – Julie Varner, Assoc. Director of Social Concerns, is the person handling this.

It is time that the Archbishop fires Richard Dowling and many of the staff at the MCC.

If he doesn’t, he won’t have to worry about Catholic schools because there will be too few of them to matter.


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