Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Take on Joe Feuerherd's WaPo Article (Part 2)

He continues on with the statement that most American Catholics and Americans in general have rejected the Church’s approach to abortion, women’s ordination and birth control. If true, I would like to point out that the Church is not Bill and Hillary Clinton, who seem to change their stance on what the polls are saying. Either you uphold certain truths or you do not. Oh, and whether this war is just or not is not a matter of faith.

With great wonderment, he also lays the blame on the pedophile scandal at the feet of John Paul the Great. According to Joe, JPII did not care about management, only fire and brimstone. So, as soon as JPII became Pope in October 1978, we had pedophiles. As last I heard, the issue with pedophile priests goes back hundreds of years. But what the heck do I know.

But note, he makes no mention of the Lavender Mafia. He is okay with that because it would come under Social Justice and his next major comment about the 2004 election in Ohio.

Yes folks, it is that evil right wing lurch that helped to bring George Bush into office because of the “anti-homosexual” legislation on the ballot in Ohio. But every liberal democrat has told me that it was Karl Rove who did it. I guess you can substitute Catholic bishops for Karl Rove in this instance.

So, what is a member of the Catholic left to do? Well, there is only one thing, vote for Obama.

Yes, folks, he will end the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and bring the war to the shores of the US where it rightfully belongs.

He will give us socialist health care, so that everyone can suffer equally under a poor medical system.

He will give us immigration reform, which will continue to help corrupt and inept governments stay afloat by getting rid of people who they do not care to lift out of poverty.

So, Mr. Feuerherd, please do not insult me and many of those like me by calling your self a Catholic. Please go down the road and join the United Church of Christ, like the man you envision to be our savior – Obama. Then you can debate the resolutions such as “Jesus Christ is the One True Savior” at the next UCC General Conference.

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