Monday, February 11, 2008

The Maryland Primary - 2008

Some in the drive-by media are calling it the Potomac Primary. Not living in Potomac, I am a bit insulted by it, since I am not well to do. But that is the drive-by media for you.

On the Republican side, it is basically down to McCain and Huckabee. Both have good pro-life records.

On the Democratic side, you have the choice of two pro-abortion, anti-family politicians.

If you are a Catholic and are a registered member of the Democratic Party in Maryland (or anywhere to be exact), think carefully about whom you pull the lever (or in Maryland, push the keypad) for.

It is my opinion that you really should re-evaluate your membership in the Democratic Party -- it is not friendly to pro-life and pro-family candidates.

So, the question that I pose to you are: Will you vote your faith or are you going to vote for those who disagree with some of the most basic elements of our faith?

Think about it.

PS: For those Catholics who will vote for Obama or Clinton, I hear that there are lots of openings in the Anglican/Episcopalian Church these days.


Remember: Help stop the Montgomery Country Transgender Bill. Sign the petition (if you are a registered voter in MoCo.) Click here.

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