Monday, February 4, 2008

Archbishop’s Appeal 2008 – Why I won’t give and why you shouldn’t too.

I have decided this year not to give to the Archbishop’s Appeal. Now, I did not make this decision lightly but have done so to make a point—that I am unhappy with the leadership of this Archdiocese.

I am unhappy with it for the following reasons (not in any particular order):

- The Maryland Catholic Conference (and of course the Archdiocese) is so worried about the plight of illegal aliens and working with anti-Catholic politicians, that Catholic schools are dying.

- The Archbishop continues to refuse to deny communion (and some speaking engagements) to pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politicians. Even after that
fantastic article (that I have referenced to earlier by Archbishop Burke of St. Louis), our Archbishop continues to show no backbone on this issue.

- The issue of active homosexual priests is one of the key reasons why the Church continues to have not only a pedophile problem but also a problem in orthodoxy. It is my belief that active homosexual priests are more than willing to cover-up for their pedophile brethren and visa versa. The bishops don’t want to see this as a problem and so choose to ignore it. Remember the case of
Fr. Lee that I wrote about on December 11th?

- An earlier query about where the money goes by my good buddy is still unanswered. Why should I give to a charity when I do not know how it is being spent?

Therefore, I have decided to withhold my contribution from this Appeal.

I am not going to take it and spend it on downloadable music, DVDs, video games or a couple of adult beverages.

I am going to take it and donate it directly to a Catholic charity. One in which I know that those who run it are faithful to the teachings of the Church.

When the Archbishop begins to show some moral backbone, then I will once again give.

I urge you to do the same.

It is the only way he will get the message.


Nate Wildermuth said...

This is kind of sad, my friend. It's funny, though, because I hear the same sort of rationalizations for not giving from the same liberals you criticize. You may have more in common than you realize!


It is sad that I cannot in good conscience give to the Archbishop's Appeal.

On your second point, personally, I doubt it.

They want to water down the faith and make it a more like the Anglican/Episcopalian Church -- female priests, married priests, actively practicing homosexual priests, water-downed theology.

No, no my friend. That is not what I am looking for. If I wanted that, I would become Anglican/Episcopalian or a member one of the many other dwindling, vanilla Protestant denominations.