Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"I stand for the Catholic faith."

"I'm not here to invent things, I'm not here to put my new spin on it," Riffle said later. "I'm a Catholic priest. It's the Catholic faith. I stand for the Catholic faith. All of this is so much more about Him, about His church."

In this day of Fr. Pflager's, Greeley's and Reese's, I was simply overjoyed (and thanked God) to hear a priest say this, and it is especially true when it comes from a newly ordained priest: Fr. Patrick Riffle.

What also amazed me that it was in published in the Washington comPost on Sunday, June 22nd.

Granted, the article focused on the celebration after a priest is ordained, but every once in a while the Post moves away from its' anti-Catholic bias and a gem shines through.

Take a moment to read it.

Congratulations Fr. Riffle. Ad multos annos!


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