Monday, June 30, 2008

Archbishop Wuerl: What Gives? (or An Open Letter to the Archbishop)

Dear Archbishop Wuerl:

When it was announced by the Catholic News Service (CNS) that Archdiocese of Washington DC CFO John Michael Kelly (aka "J. Michael Kelly"; aka "Mike Kelly") was indicted by the Securities and Exchange (SEC), we were told a couple of different stories.

Story One: He wasn't the Chief Financial Officer. (However, that was hard to believe, since he it was reported as such by CNS and he had represented himself as such at various meetings, in documents, etc.)

Story Two: Thom Duffy was the CFO. However, no where does he or the Archdiocese represent him as such, at the time of Kelly's indictment. In fact, I even have one document which shows he was not the CFO at the time Kelly was indicted. He was only the Executive Director of the Secretariate of Finances and Management.

Story Three: He was only volunteering his time.

My sources tell me that after his indictment, he announced that he would be "advisor" to you starting June 2, 2008. Mr. Duffy would be the CFO.

However, no where does it show that Mr. Duffy is the CFO. The area on your website for Financial Management has only a phone number. There is not even a listing for Thom Duffy on your website. You would think that an important position like this would be announced to the faithful.

When a priest has been accused of sexual misconduct and it is found "credible," he is immediately visited by the Director of Personnel, and at least one or two other priests. He is ordered to vacate the rectory within 24 to 48 hours. He is told not to say public Mass, hear confessions or conduct baptisms. He is told to stay off of Church property unless given permission to be on it. In some instances, there is a car waiting outside to take him to St. Luke's.

So, I ask you, if you can do this to a priest, why did you not ask Mr. Kelly (who was indicted by the US Government) not to vacate the premises immediately? Why does he still have his office? An office that equals that of the Moderator of the Curia and Vicar of Administration and that of Chancellor. You would think that that office should go to Mr. Duffy. Granted, you are the boss and can give anyone any office but to someone who is indicted?

On Tuesday, June 24th, the Archdiocese Finance Council held their first meeting since the indictment. The purpose of the meeting was to present the Archdiocesan Central Administration budget for the fiscal year starting on July 1st. Unfortunately, "CFO" Duffy was on vacation. And you know who presented the budget: Mike Kelly.

Why do you keep someone who has been indicted for fraud, involved in the finances of the Archdiocese?

All I ask is "WHY?"




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Anonymous said...

Where on your webpage is information about who you are? How do we know you are credible?

I see that you must approve my comments - who approves yours?

I think you will refuse to identify yourself.

- Another Archdiocese of Washington DC Catholic.


As you can see, your comment has been approved.

There is a small blurb about me on the page.

Now, if you have a question on a particular item, please ask.

Please note that this is an open letter to the Archbishop. If the Archdiocese wishes, they can respond to the allegations.

Who knows. Maybe you are an employee of the Archdiocese? Maybe you should reveal yourself?


BTW, I approve my comments.

Anonymous said...

The Archdiocese is playing extreme hardball.You must be getting too close for their comfort. They will try every angle to intimidate you and discredit you. Mike Kelly was at AOL for quite awhile, He has learned many "ticks of the trade" while he was there. After all his indictment concerns 1 Billion dollars, not loose change.
Thankk goodness we have been Confirmed. Who ever said the being of Soldier of Christ was going to be easy! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Your first "anonymous" responder doesn't seem to understand how a blog works, you do not need to have anyone approve your comments because THIS IS YOUR BLOG! This responder must work for the Archdiocese where EVERYTHING AND EVERY STATEMENT must first be approved by the Archdiocese. NEWS FLASH!! the freedom of speech still exists - regardless of what the Archdiocese of Washington believes.