Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Marc Fisher's Column This Week

The Sunday Metro section of the Washington Post had an article written by Marc Fisher.

To make a long story short, his basic premise was that the DC Opportunity Scholarships (or as he likes to call them - vouchers) were a failure to begin with, since it never covered the complete cost of tuition.

According to Mr. Fisher vouchers were "foisted on the District" by the Federal government. That is one biased way of looking at it.

The problem was that the District schools were failing everyone - everyone. They were failing the children, the parents, and the taxpayers and yet all were heard was the same lame excuse -- "If we only had more money."

So, we now have an option to help some children. Yes, it may only help 1900 children but it was a start. Many of these children were headed for the same cycle of poor education, poor jobs, etc. that many others had before them. Here was the chance to get them out of it.

In fact, I remember reading that for every scholarship given, there were two additional applicants. Tell me Mr. Fisher, was does that say about the failing DC Public Schools? What does that say about how desperate parents are to make certain that they succeed.

Second, we know that the Catholic schools that are closing are due to a number of reasons, not just because vouchers could not pay the full cost. There was a decline in enrollment, an increase in expenses, etc. But the children who attended these schools were doing fantastic and could probably beat the best that the public shools had to offer.

In fact, Mr. Fisher does not make comment on the fact that for every $7,500 given in a scholarship, it saved the DC Public Schools over $2,500. Why? Because it costs over $10,000 per year per pupil in DC. Now, it will cost them the full $10,000 per.

But who cares about that, when your socialist mentality says that everyone should suffer equally.


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