Monday, June 2, 2008

Update on the Boy Scouts and the City of Brotherly Love

Last year, I posted the story of how the City of Philly was going after the Boy Scouts.

The Scouts currently occupy the Beaux Arts headquarters. It was constructed by the Scouts in 1928 and given to the city. They city and the Scouts have a "in perpetuity" lease. In return for a rent of $1 per year, the Scouts promised to maintain the building. They spend about $60,000 a year to maintain it, and put in about $1.5 million in renovations in 1994.

(One of the things many of the articles on the web neglect to mention is the lease aspect.)

The City of Philly has decided that because of their stance on homosexuals, the Scouts have one of three options: (1) pay fair market value of apx. $200, 000 per year in rent; (2) leave the building; or (3) allow homosexuals to be leaders and staff.

Well, the Boy Scouts have decided that they prefer the forth option. Yep, just as I had suggested in December, they have decided to sue the city eight days before they were ordered to vacate.

Way to go BSA! I pray that you win.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the scouts SHOULD take on the city. But it is interesting to note that when one applies to be a scout leader, one completes an application, provides references and then signs attesting that the information is correct. This is the one and only official record of your qualifications to register as a leader (later, you are also required to participate in training). Nowhere on the form does it ask for sexual orientation. So, how are the scouts able to legally forbid homosexuals from leadership if they're not formally identified?


The two most common way is (1) they out themselves, and then someone reports them or (2) someone outs them.