Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Waste of Newsprint

Forget Father Daly. If you really want to know what is going with immigrants, ignore is his most recent Parish Diary column in the Catholic Standard.*

  1. You want to see a photo regarding a demonstration by illegal and legal Mexican immigrants? You don’t have to go to El Pregonero to find one. Go to your favorite search engine (Yahoo or Google will do nicely), enter “immigration protests” and press [ENTER]. Then, click on the images tab at the top. Voila, you have a couple of hundred photos.
  2. Dealing with illegal immigrants is not a story that is rarely talked about, even for the Catholic press. For the last three years, it has been one of the “hot” topics in American politics – and it still is.
  3. You don’t have to read El Pregonero to find out about what Raul Castro, Morales or even Hugo are doing to their countries. There are a ton of articles and websites which adequately discuss these issues. Powerline does a nice job when there are important issues in these countries.
  4. Fr. Daly should look at who is really doing the “demonizing” regarding immigration. Many of us have nothing against those who have come here legally (and in fact welcome them w/ open arms) but do have an issue with those who have broken the law to enter the county. Yet, Fr. Daly continues to confuse illegal aliens and legal immigrants. Either he is ignorant that there is a difference, or deliberately is attempting to confuse the average Catholic, just like the Maryland Catholic Conference.
  5. You notice how he seems to link “conservative members of congress” with “rich lobbyists.” I am not certain of what one has to do with the other, other than playing the old class warfare card.
  6. I wonder how many “liberal” members attend the same country club that Fr. Daly talks about. But of course, they would never abuse an illegal alien because they are the enlightened ones.
  7. If Fr. Daly is correct, and El Pregonero accepts advertizing that aids this business to hire illegal aliens, then maybe Fr. Daly should take El Pregonero to task for helping to indirectly break the law. Maybe Fr. Daly should be taken to task for promoting a publication which aids in the breaking of Federal immigration laws.

Fr. Daly ends his column by talking about how the Spanish language Catholic press can open our eyes to a parallel universe. After reading this column, I wonder what universe Fr. Daly is living in.

*It is only in the print version but you can find it at the St. John Vianney Parish website if you are interested. And yes, I know that it would have been better to have ignored it.

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