Thursday, August 7, 2008

Archibishop's Appeal 2008 (An Update)

A friend of mine gives me a call. Here is a synopsis of our conversation:

Melvin (not his real name): Hey, I got a call from the Archdiocese the other night.

Me: You did? (Wondering what the heck was going on.)

Melvin: Yeah, they told me to stay away from you next week?

Me: Oh? (Now I am really confused, did they figure out who I was?)

Melvin: Yeah, they said there were going to send over a couple of the boy's from the Lavender Mafia and beat me with their pink purses. Not the Vera Bradley ones. But the ones our grandmother’s carried…you know the ones with the brass metal corners, the couple of pieces of hard candy (which have been in there for years), a couple of tissues, bobby pins, a pencil, small pad of paper, etc.

Me: (rolling my eyes)

Melvin: (Laughing)

Me: Okay, okay. So what’s up?

Melvin: Well, I did get a call from the Archdiocese.

Me: About what?

Melvin: Since I had not given to the Archbishop’s Appeal, they were calling me to contribute.

Me: So, what did you tell them?

Melvin: Well, the person on the phone explained who she was, the importance of the Archbishop’s Appeal, and then hit me up for $XXX (Note: A nice three figure amount.)

Me: What did you say?

Melvin: Well, I told her no but nicely.

Me: And?

Melvin: They she understood that $XXX was too much in this economy, so she dropped the amount about one-third.

Me: And?

Melvin: Told her no, I was not interested in giving. She asked me why?

Me: And you told her it was because of his stance of illegal aliens? On communion to pro-abortion politicians? What?

Melvin: I just told her I was not interested. And when she asked I again, I was very polite but told her no.

Me: Mmmm. Have they ever called before?

Melvin: Nope. Never.


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ParishSave said...

The call concerning giving to the Archdiocene Campaign comes from New Jersy.
It is important to note that half of what you put into your Parish's
collection basket goes to the Archdiocese. Also, the Archdiocese no longer has the 'Needy Parish Fund". This means that if one our poorer parishes needs extra money for expenses (like roof repairs, unexpected expenses etc.) the Archdiocese will no longer help them. Why? This is the Archdiocese plan to squeeze "under performing" parishes into closing. Heartless. yes. The Catholic way? Absolutly not! Archbishop Wuerl need to answer to this distainful plan. Meanwhile, the Archdiocese is adding to its own staff, disregarding the needs of parishes. You can give directly to your parish or any needy parish. Just state that none of this money is to go to the Archdiocese.

Anonymous said...

I guess he was too afraid of being labeled a 'dissenter'... You see, real reform is needed and we must take every opportunity to voice that need. That call was a missed opportunity.


To ParishSave:

Actually, only 14% of of the first collection goes to the Archdiocese. This number, I have heard from a number of different sources, and these are people really in the know.

Dymphna said...

I've stopped giving to the big campaign and giver directly to my parish.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

my money goes directly to the parish