Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Richard Dowling Retires

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are aware that I have not been pleased with the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC). There are a number of reasons: the socialist mentality regarding taxes and state spending, support of illegal aliens, failure to identify anti-Catholic legislators, etc.

Word came through last Thursday (August 1, 2008) via the Catholic Standard (as a "Special to the Standard") that Mr. Richard Dowling, Executive Director of the MCC will retire later this year. He will be replaced by Mary Ellen Russell.

As someone who has taken an interest in the legislation affecting Catholics in this diocese over the last few years, I would have to say that his overall tenure has been rather disappointing, to say the least.

Yes, the article touts the early years and provides all of the appropriate accolades from various people but lately, the MCC has taken on a rather socialistic approach, such as increasing taxes on the wealthy is acceptable*, advocating socialized medicine, giving a free ride to illegal aliens. I personally love the way the article states that "he has lead advocacy efforts to...assist immigrant families..." Just another phrase for illegal aliens.

Although he has seemed to help head off the impending rcognition of gay marriages, it is only time before true marriage becomes just a thing of the past. The only victories they can seem to count on are in the area of bigger government programs.

The MCC under Ms. Russell will look forward to a victory in the area of the death penalty, but in the areas of support for Catholic education, abortion, true marriage (not traditional but true), etc., I do not see them as being successful given their track record and socialistic undertone.

Maybe Ms. Russell can turn things around but the Cardinal McCarrick view of politicians gripping Catholic leadership and Archbishop Wuerl's "avoid controversy at all cost" approach, we will be lucky if they don't outlaw Catholic schools in the next decade.

*Whenever I ask for a definition of "wealthy," (how much does a person have to make per year - gross or net -- to be considered wealthy) I never seem to get one.


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Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I'm all for destroying ALL Bishops' conferences :) (at least in the US)