Friday, August 1, 2008

Catholic School with Free Tuition?

With Archbishop Wuerl's closing of a number of inner city schools, and southern Maryland as his next target (or at least my sources tell me), here will have a story (courtesy of The Deacon's Bench) of one school which does not charge tuition.

Maybe the folks over in Hyattsville can learn a thing or two from this parish priest:

The Whitehall school remains free, and it's the only Catholic school in the state without tuition.

Staying free matters, according to Haney, school officials and parish members, because of the pride, sense of community and passion it creates. They have done it for one another and God through tithing, said parishioner Francis Nowalk, 79.

Now, you know what should be the most embarrassing thing to Archbishop Wuerl, Thom Duffy et al?

This took place while the Archbishop was the Bishop of Pittsburgh!!!

To the Rev. John Haney and the parishioner's at St. Gabriel, I say: Ad multos annos!

Archbishop Wuerl and Thom Duffy, what do you have to say for yourself now?


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Ponderant Scribe said...

My point all along. The school needs to matter to the community, not the diocese, to remain viable.

Save Catholic Parish Schools said...

But don't you see this is what Archbishop Wuerl and his cronies want. They will squeexe parished into accepting either consoldiation of schools and therefore receiving archdiocene finacial support or force parishes to go off on their own and raise their own funds to support your parish school. With this model many catholic schools will close, because it is the unique parish that has the financial funds and business sense to do this. The Archdiocese does not want to spend their (our ) money on education. They are pouring money into Catholic Charities, which is social work that any agency can do. But only the Catholic archdiocese can really truly support what has been the backbone of Catholicism in the United States, CATHOLIC PARAOCIAL EDUCATION. It is the RESPONDSIBILYT of our Archdiocese to use the money we give them to finance and support Catholic Education, the essential vechicle in the continuation and spread of the Catholic Faith to generations of children. If not education of our young, really then what?


I do see it. THat is one of the many reasons I started this blog.


But I do see it. Actually, I see that there are a combination of things which are killing Catholic education -- for example.

1. No sense of community within a parish. Parishes which see themselves as a Catholic community will be able to support a Catholic school. This is really the job of the pastor.

2. The belief that illegal aliens will save the schools -- that is a real false hope.

3. The lack of backbone of our leadership in Catholic faith and morals. When you stand up for what is right, people will follow.

there are a number of other things..but you get the point.