Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mother Seton Shrine

This weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting the National Shrine of Mother Seton. It had been my first visit to the Shrine in many, many years.

They now have a nice Visitor Center (including a short video), two Gift Shops (one which sells a "ton" of rosaries, medals, etc. and one which supports the Retirement Fund). In addition, the Stone House, White House and Cemetery were also open. The Church itself was a beautiful as I remember it.

Although I did not read every item in the exhibit area, it gives a nice overview of her life from her birth in NYC till her canonization.

If you are ever in the Emmitsburg area, and can spend at least two hours learning more about the first American born saint, I highly recommend it.


Thanks to all who took the poll on the Catholic Standard. If you did not get a chance to view the results, here they are:

Still Relevant: 2
Not Relevant: 13
Not Certain: 2
Did not know it existed: 1


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