Thursday, September 18, 2008

Born Alive Truth - Obama and the IL Born Alive Infants Protection Act

While waiting for Archbishop Wuerl to release his new pastoral letter on education, I came across a video made by Gianna Jessen. Ms. Jessen survived an abortion but if it was up to Sen. Obama, she would have died.

Although it looks like it has been taken down, I will none the less post it here, with the hope that it will come back. In addtion, you can go to her
website to learn more. HT to American Papist.

Now for those of you who are Cafeteria Catholics for Obama, you may want to purchase your t-shirt or bumper sicker here.

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Kyle said...

I'm interested to see who the majority of Catholics will vote for in this upcoming election.

If the right to life is a non-negotiable for Catholics, you have McCain, who supports embryonic stem cell research, on the one hand, and Obama, who supports leagalized abortion, on the other.

Who do Catholics choose?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts?