Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Montgomery County Voters Disenfranchised!!

Well, the citizens of Montgomery County Maryland have been disenfranchised by Chief Judge Robert M. Bell and the Court of Appeals.

As you know, the Montgomery County Council rammed through a law giving special rights to those who are "transgendered" which would also force religious institutions to hire them, even it was against their beliefs.

The Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government fought the law and was able to get it on the ballot. The Montgomery County Circuit Court issued a 25-page opinion stating that advocates for the legislation were too late in challenging the signatures collected by Citizens for Responsible Government and certified by the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

However, the radical left must have been really scared to allow this to get on the ballot (since I believe that allocated over $80,000 to fight this) because they took it to the Court of Appeals. The Court has not issued the full opinion on it.

The radical left who talks about every vote counting has disenfranchised hundreds of thousands.

And one of the worst parts, the Archdiocese of Washington DC was silent on this issue.

For shame!


Anonymous said...

Basic human rights should not be put to a vote.

Anonymous said...

So let's play this out...

A man has the right to dress as a woman at work and a woman has the right to dress as a man at work, therefore expressing their identity. OK, so that must mean that a man can dress as a baby (in a big diaper), a woman can dress as a prostitute (in a provocative dress) and I can show up in a flowered shirt and flip flops?

Of course not! There are, in fact, reasonable expectations for dress and behavior in the professional workplace. And employers should have the ability to establish those expectations.