Monday, September 1, 2008

The Last Few Days...and Archbishop Wuerl and the Sanctity of Life

Nope, this is not a blog posting about the end of the world.

However, I have had to be out of town for a few days dealing with a family crisis (one that I have never dealt with before) which has not allowed me to post like I normally do. More about the family crisis later (like in a couple of months, maybe.)

In trying to follow-up with some of the stories, I came across this one at Fr. Z's blog on the Archbishop Wuerl's letter to all priests in the Archdiocese of Washington DC. It asks them to use the Sunday homily (Aug. 31st to be exact) to:

consider using this Sunday’s liturgy as an opportune time to present to the Catholic faithful of this archdiocese a number of elements of our Catholic faith.

This is an opportune time simply to reaffirm with all of our Catholic faithful and others who may be interested in what the Church has to say that abortion is and has always been considered a serious evil, that the destruction of innocent human life at any stage is wrong and that it is the task entrusted to the bishops of the Church to proclaim and when necessary clarify this constant teaching.

As you know, this is in direct response to Sen. Nancy "I Am Infallable" Pelosi and Sen. Joe "I will shove my Rosary down your throat" Biden's beliefs.

I got to give the Archbishop credit where it is due on pushing this issue, although not as forceful as I would like.

(However, I was reading that Sen. Biden's parish priest, in the Diocese of Wilmington, continues to offer the Holy Eucharist to Sen. Biden. Will there be no end to this sort of moral scandal?)

Since I was out of town, I missed the opportunity to hear my parish priest discuss this. If you heard your priest preach this message (or even read the letter), let me know what you thought. If you did not hear your priest talk about this, I would love to hear it to.

Hat tip to Fr. Z (again)!


Tom said...

Here's the homily I heard yesterday in Silver Spring. Pretty straightforward.

Anonymous said...

Father Enzler gave a rather rambling sermon on abortion. He was clear on the Catholic teachings on abortion. He hedged by saying that families have difficult decisions to make that affect their families. Hard to determine if he was saying that abortion was a private decision, regardless of what the Catholic teachings are. Others around me thought it was confusing also.