Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Podcasting the Kingdom from the Knights of Columbus

When anyone tells me that the pro-life movement is only interested in having the mother give birth and then does nothing else, the first group that I point them to is the The Knights of Columbus. Among the many things they do, is to provide help to not only to those who are not born but to those who are born and in need. From soup kitchens, to medical bills to the annual Tootsie Roll drive, they do it all.

I don't remember how I came across it but the Knights have an excellent series of podcasts on the Catholic faith. As they state it:

The Luke E. Hart Series of Podcasting the Kingdom is topic-driven collection based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church covering a wide variety of topics ranging from belief and worship to virtue and vice. This series is written by Boston College philosophy professor Peter Kreeft, Ph.D. who provides an insightful look into the Catholic faith. He proposes practical strategies to understand what and how Catholics believe, worship and live. There are 30 booklets and 30 podcasts.

The Veritas Series of Podcasting the Kingdom is an audio anthology with individual themes pertaining to Catholic faith and life. This series is written by a variety authors who demonstrate a commitment to the great task of integrating faith and reason with wisdom and holiness. The purpose of this series is to explore the truths of the Catholic faith that have been handed down through the centuries from the Lord to the Apostles and to succeeding generations of Christians.
The Hart and Veritas programs give basic, reasonable and verifiable information by which we ought to live our lives according to God’s plan.

I have started to listen to the Hart Series. They are very good but very long, up to an hour.

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