Friday, June 12, 2009

Catholic Standard - Weekly Update

Well, it is that time of the week...the Catholic Standard Weekly Update!!!

First, congratulations to those who celebrated their 25th to 70th wedding anniversaries! Wow, married 70 years! That is truly amazing. What an inspiration for all those who are married, about to get married or even looking to get married.

The Sunday TV Mass is moving to WDCW on July 5th at 10:30am. Although the Standard did not tell you this, the folks over at Public Television decided to enforce a 20+ year old law banning religious programming. MMMM...isn't it odd that it happens when the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama is president. I guess this is what he meant by change -- removal of anything religious. Maybe people should think carefully about donating to public television or voting for him again.

Stories continue to show the value of the DC Opportunity Scholarship program.

Although the story attempts to be upbeat, there is nothing upbeat about the closing of a Catholic school -- Holy Angels Sacred Heart School in Avenue.

Remember, June 13th is St. Anthony of Padua Feast Day. Go to St. Anthony of Padua Church at 12th and Monroe St., NE for Mass (8am & 12noon), Novena prayers, and a blessing w/ a St. Anthony relic. Blessed St. Anthony bread will be distributed.

Finally, did I not call it or did I not call it yesterday -- the centerfold of the Standard is that flier I discussed yesterday on Catholic Education.

As always, if you don't get the Catholic Standard, pick one up in your parish. Remember, they are required to take a certain number of copies -- whether they like it or not.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.


Anonymous said...

News of these D.C. area school closings reminds you of the news reels showing B-17 bombers falling out of the sky, one by one.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that so many schools were abandoned. It now looks like the charter school nonsense is quickly unraveling. You know you are in deep trouble when your chief financial officer is out after only one year. Things are falling apart fast.