Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some thoughts...

Yesterday, a comment was placed on the Catholic Standard update. Normally, I don't answer most postings, but I thought a bit about it and thought it would be good to answer some questions. So here goes.

Reader: Can you give us a scorecard on which schools were closed and which ones are on the chopping block? A mini chart?

Me: There are at least 8 schools closed if memory serves me correct. (Someone will let me know if I got the number wrong.) Six in DC and two in southern Maryland. I don't have a "list" of those on the chopping block but if you read the Catholic Standard on a regular basis (among other sources), you can pretty much figure out which ones in Montgomery and PG Counties are possibilities. The Archdiocese is keeping a list (of sorts) of those that are in good shape, those which need to be watched and those which should be closed. Look, they have been setting the stage for the last 12+ months, so, it is just a matter of time.

Reader: Plus, can you let us know if whether or not any parishes are targeted for closure? Remember, Wuerl performed a vanishing act with 118 parishes in the Pittsburgh area. Do he do encores?

Me: I do not know of any at this time. My sources have not indicated any. It is possible that after the schools go, he may do so. But there have been no indications as such. Remember, Pittsburg and Washington DC are very different in areas such as the formation of ethnic neighborhoods, etc.

Reader: Furthermore, do you know if any church property in the miscellaneous department is up for sale? While in Pittsburgh, Wuerl even sold a sizable patch of Catholic cemetary property to the masons (North Side Catholic Cemetery.) The masons bought the cemetery property for the sole purpose of building their new headquarters there.

Me: No, I do not but if schools begin to close, there is always that possibility.

Reader: This brings us to the next question: Being that it is an excommunicable sin to join the masons, is it or is it not a sin to do business with them and sell Catholic property to them? Could a bishop morally sell church property to wealthy Satanic worshippers? What about cults that do bizarre rituals? What about abortion groups? Isn't it an act of scandalizing the weak when you sell church property to a group under excommunication?

Me: Yes, Catholics are not allowed to join the Freemasons. http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=4328145

On the issue of selling property, the question that I would first ask is: Is it illegal? Now, I am not an attorney but I as long selling property is not illegal (although with the Most Merciful, Lord High Barack Obama, anything is possible), and the title is in the hands of the Archdiocese, then there is nothing illegal about it. Also, I am not a Canon Lawyer, and don't know if Canon Law goes into this.

However, the scandal will be on who the property is sold to. It could turn into a public relations issue but if the Archdiocese was able to deflect the case of Fr. Lee, then it could do so here too.

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Anonymous said...

The Archdiocese is rushing out new policies for Catholic Schools as fast as they can. So fast indeed that they are forgeting to note some rather important events under the timeline section of the Looking to the Future with Confidence blurb. They forgot to mention the conversion of seven Catholic schools to charter schools which took place this year. I wonder why. Where oh where is Mary Ann Stanton, formerly head of the Center City Catholic Consortium. She moved on to become head of the Center City Public Charter Schools, formerly known as the Center City Catholic Consortium. Did she last even one year as head of Center City Public Charter Schools? Did she get pushed out in say late March this year? Her group was chosen by the Archdiocese in a "competition" to see who would convert seven Catholic schools into secular charter schools. It seems as though the winner of this "competition" might not have been chosen well after all. Is Juana Brown, formerly of the Center City Catholic Consortium, also soon to be formerly of the Center City Public Charter Schools? Is there turmoil in this organization, ya think. I know, I know I'm asking too many questions. But just a little more. Is this group, which was chosen so well by the Archdiocese, getting smaller. Is it shrinking? Mother of Mercy, is this the begining of the end of Center City Public Charter Schools, formerly known as The Center City Catholic Consortium?