Monday, June 29, 2009

Catholic Standard - Weekly Update

Once again, due to personal issues, I was not able to get this out to you earlier. So, mea culpa.

In This Week at a Glance, we once again see how the USCCB is really a do nothing group. They support Bishop D'Arcy on Notre Dame but do they do much else. Nope. They are also working on ensuring that there is "comprehensive immigration reform." What does that mean? Absolutely nothing. Here in MoCo illegal immigration is fueling our crime rate. Almost every week, we see another story of how an illegal immigrant (not just any immigrant but illegal ones) has committed a crime of one sort of another. And yes, gay marriage was moving at a very quick pace, but the bishops seem to move rather slowly on this one. Case in point: Washington DC.

The Archbishop participated in the prayer service at Metro Headquarters for those who died and those who were injured in the train accident last Monday. Thank you.

Another story on how the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program has shown that it makes good economic and academic sense.

Our newly ordained priests have been given their assignments. One may be coming to your parish. If so, welcome him with open arms. They are a blessing to all.

A more complete story about the Sunday TV Mass appeared in this issue. If PBS was for the public good, then they should be funded by the public, not the government.

The very sad story of the death of Fr. Vakoc, who was wounded in Iraq in 1992, is covered. Pray for him and all of our military chaplains.

As always, if you don't get the Catholic Standard, pick one up in your parish. Remember, they are required to take a certain number of copies -- whether they like it or not.


On another note, there have been a number of comments posted recently to this blog regarding Archbishop Wuerl. While I am no fan of his, and believe that he has done more harm than good, the tone of a number of these comments has gotten out of control. Therefore, the last couple of comments sent in will not be posted.

Once again, I welcome everyone to post a comment but ask you to mindful of what you are posting.

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