Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do you know a great priest?

From Deacon's Bench:

To celebrate the Year for Priests, the folks at the Catholic Company are sponsoring a contest, inviting savvy Catholic videographers to submit short videos on YouTube about their favorite priests.

There are prizes (woo hoo!) and inspiration aplenty. There's also a panel of "celebrity judges," including Your Humble Blogger, (Why do I suddenly feel like Simon Cowell?)

Anywho: visit this website to find out all the rules and how you can honor your incredible priest and maybe win a shopping spree from the Catholic Company and, for one lucky priest, a trip to Rome. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I knew a great priest. He eventually became bishop of Pittsburgh, and I am NOT NOT NOT talking about Donald Wuerl. I am talking about David Zubik, the present bishop of Pgh. He was my confessor in 1986 and he graduated with one of my brothers in the late sixties.

Now, there has finally been posted on the Internet the revelations of Wuerl's evils, along with mention of the animosity that people hold towards him --- posted by the aggrieved people themselves. The public is now able to learn of Wuerl's triple cover-up, his personal secretary's cover-up, the Huff ordeal, the intimidation tactic and de facto theft of the members of Risen Lord Parish School, etc, etc, etc. HOWEVER, there is one added outrage about Donald Wuerl and his propaganda machine that still needs to be posted online. That is this:

That propaganda machine negates and disregards the value of the David Zubik who was a far more moving preacher than Wuerl ever was.

The Wuerl propaganda machine insinuates that Zubik and every other bishop in America is a second or third class bishop. No way. The David Zubik I knew used to be everything that Wuerl was incapable of being. Quite frankly, all the bishops of America should literally file a complaint against Wuerl for allowing the perpetuation of his political machine. In fact, Wuerl should have been defrocked when he was caught performing his triple cover-up.

Anonymous said...

Why do you post this garbage?


I don't necessarily agree with every comment but I try to allow as much free speech as possible. It his opinion and he is entitled to it, just as you and me.

However, there have been times when I have rejected comments or simply refused to post them because they are so offensive.

Maybe I am just a just a big believer in free speech.

However, let me thank you for reading this blog. I hope that you come back again.

Anonymous said...

This is Part 1 of a three-part response to the very discourteous comment of June 24, 7:24 PM, being that the timing of its posting was very enlightening:

To start, take note that, at this blog site, dozens of reader comments were posted which

1] Revealed the documented evils of Donald Wuerl and then condemned his character.
2] Set forth additional, yet undocumented, accusations against him, and then condemned his character.
3] Reminded others of Wuerl's decimation of the infrastructure of the Pittsburgh Diocese, and then condemned his character.
4] Made mention of Donald Wuerl's cowardice in allowing Jesus to get sacrileged in the eucharist by excommunicated politicians, and then condemned Wuerl's character.

During that entire time span, there was no one known to have used the word, "garbage," to describe any one of those posts. And there was certainly nobody using the one-line bumper sticker campaign slogan technique in an attempt to intimidate commentators. Then, during the afternoon of June 24th, someone praised a bishop who, in the Donald Wuerl world, can now be seen as Wuerl's competition. When another bishop started to take the limelight away from Donald Wuerl, only then did a Wuerlite chime in, leaving a one-line comment. All of a sudden, another bishop starts to get the praise, and just as suddenly, the Wuerlite world starts to get irritated. This sounds a lot like Snow White, as in "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all."

Anonymous said...

This is Part 3 of the three-part response to the very discourteous comment of June 24, 7:24 PM, being that the timing of its posting was very enlightening:

Actual garbage is when a certain blogger tells his readers that Donald Wuerl is the model of "Zero Tolerance," concerning the sex abuse scandal. Posted below are links to corporate newspapers who operate bound to the laws concerning libel. Copy and paste each link, read its contents and then dare to claim that Wuerl is the ultimate "zero tolerance" champion. In fact, order from the Library of Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court Petition for a Writ of Certiorari in case # 01-10392, and then dare to claim that Wuerl is anywhere near a trustworthy "zero tolerance" bishop.













The article posted below shows that Wuerl tried to weasel out of his triple cover-up, taking no responsibility for his actions and inactions:


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, The "garbage" that I was referring to is you praising someone at the expense of another. Couldn't you have just written of your admiration for Bishop David Zubik without criticizing another? Instead of me referring you to websites, I will refer you to Matthew 5:22 and Matthew 7:1-5

Anonymous said...

Saint Francis de Sales is a doctor of the church. He stated that: "It is an act of charity to cry out against the wolf when he is among the sheep, wherever he is."

Therefore, to reveal a corrupt bishop who is empowered by a dishonest propaganda machine is to be in accordance with church teaching. To remain silent of such corruption is to commit a sin of accessory.

Wuerl let himself be heralded throughout the world as the bishop of Zero Tolerance. This includes European television. Disclosure of his multiple cover-ups then became a moral obligation. Warning the faithful of how Wuerl has brought harm to individuals, even in retaliations, was an added necessity. It was equivalent to warning people of a high voltage line in a storm ridden road.

Being that Wuerl has been proven to have committed fraudulent misrepresentation of himself, it is publicly shown that he has no right to have any of the power or influence which came from this propaganda. It's very simple. When you steal something, you have to give it back. When you tell a lie, you must make restitution by telling the truth.

Falsely praising Wuerl as an unspeakably courageous hero was actually an act of slander against all other American bishops, including the David Zubik who was meek enough to sell the mansion reserved for the bishop of Pittsburgh. For Zubik to have made such a sacrifice and then to humbly reside at the Pgh seminary was to have committed a stellar act in accordance with a Dominic Guzma or a Francis of Assisi.

A bishop willing to live in humble settings is the type whom we need. Wuerl, on the other hand, went on CSPAN and then was viewed riding away in a long limousine. That was enough to turn people off, being that Christ, the actual lord of the Catholic Church, was born in a stable and slept on the boats of humble fishermen.

Anonymous said...

In response to the anonymous Bible citer who obviously never excelled at diplomacy or christian charity:

The first sign of a deceiver is that he immediately cites Bible verses, as if citing such verses conveys automatic Solo Scriptura authority to the Bible quoter. Martin Luther did the same thing, and then he misinterpreted what he cited. In fact, the Born-Again Christian world (one with which I was made very familiar) states, "Satan knows the Bible better than us all, and he can quote verses by the volume. Yet, he is the deceiver."

The bottom line concerning Wuerl is that there is no remission of sin without first ceasing the sin. Wuerl lets a lie continue to this hour.

In fact, he has never made restitution for financial loss caused during the retaliation that ensued after his personal secretary was reported, and that is equivalent stealing money and keeping it.

Moreover, Wuerl did not cease the Corruption of Blood policy that he enacted in Pittsburgh by which certain parents were commanded to attend a class on how to honor one's bishop under penalty of having their innocent children barred from all Pittsburgh Catholic Schools.

Yes, Wuerl permitted that rule to be enforced. And if you are not shocked at learning of this, then you are entirely numb.

If Wuerl were contrite, if he had amended his ways and made restitution for damage he let happen to people, then it would be an entirely different circumstance in objecting to his rise to power and influence. However, Wuerl is no different than any other American bishop who performed cover-ups. So, why should Wuerl be the lord and master of the church in America?

Wuerl's propaganda machine(at least while he was in Pittsburgh) said that there should be the one unified voice of Catholicism in America, and the best candidate for the job is Wuerl.

The objection to this Donald Wuerl power play is that his proponents act as if there is such thing as the Pontiff of America. NO. There is the Vicar of Christ. He is the Successor of Peter who has the power of the keys even in America, though he live in Rome. He lives in Rome simply because that is where Peter and Paul died. In living in Rome, the Pope is testifying to the fact that Christianity eventually conquered the Roman Empire which occasionally put Christians to death by the truck load.

Take note that the Wuerl's proponents squeal with rage whenever another bishop is regarded with respect and admiration. That is more than the sin of envy. That is an indication that a faction needs Wuerl in pivotal power, in order to do its bidding. If the Wuerlite faction had a holy goal, then Wuerl wouldn't be seen as indispensible to it. That faction could obtain the goal through a number of bishops, and not merely Wuerl. Something is caustic in this New Denmark where we find ourselves.