Sunday, September 18, 2011

National Shrine Scandal

On Friday, Deacon Greg Kendra at The Deacon's Bench posted the above photo. This photo, taken at the memorial Mass for Archbishop Sambi on Sept. 14, 2011 by CNS/Leslie E. Kossoff, shows Vice President Joseph Biden receiving Holy Communion from Msgr. Rossi at the National Shrine.

Over at the Deacon's Bench there was a great deal of discussion by a couple of priests and deacons who said in no uncertain terms would they deny Holy Communion to this man, because they do not know the state of his soul.

I am sorry...this is not some many who just walked into the Shrine to receive Holy Communion. This is the second most powerful man in the US and someone who supports abortion and homosexual marraige. Let's admit it folks, this adminstration has done almost everything it can to promote abortion and have the taxpayers pay for it.

Yet, no one seems to be willing to tell him, before Mass, not to receive Communion in the state he is in.

Does any priest in this Archdiocese have any integrity or the intestinal fortitude to do something?

I wrote over at the Deacon's Bench that during the pedophile/homosexual crisis, when horrible things were done to young men, I did not waiver in my support for our priests, brothers and deacons. Why? Because I knew many of them personally and they were good men. They worked hard and tried to do their best, even if one or two of their brothers in Christ did horrible things.

However, I continue to see priests and deacons who say that they will not say or do anything when someone as public as Joe Biden comes forward to receive Communion.

If there is anything that has shaken my faith in our priests and deacons, is this: That they are not willing to say to a pro-abortion politician (who is very well known in their support of this) that they cannot recieve communion if they continue on their current course.

Msgr. Rossi, the Cardinal and any priest in attendance that day should be ashamed of themselves.

Just another scandal which has shaken my faith.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I'd be willing to bet that the Cardinal has ordered his priests not to comply with Canon 915. Bearing that in mind, I wonder just what the priests could, or should do.

Anonymous said...

These priests, who you knew personally and thought were such good men, etc. during the homosexual scandal (where children were abused and the church and priesthood defiled (and not cleansed to date) - I have been thinking about how David was a 12 year old boy who felled Goliath with a rock) said nothing in the seminary about their fellow seminarians and their superiors whom they knew were engaging in sexual sin flagrantly and continuously. Why did these men say nothing in the seminary and nothing in the priesthood? To go along to get along. Why do they say nothing now to Joe Biden--to go along to get along. What does Jesus matter in relation to their
"church" career? I guess you don't actually have to be a sodomoite to be a temple prostitute.

Dymphna said...

No, don't let it shake your faith. Men are weak. Please don't let your faith hang on one. If Mngsr. Rossi had denied Biden Communion he would've been in trouble with the cardinal and bounced to an assingment in a nursing home or prison chaplain by the end of the week. Many of our bishops are politicians or businessmen in their outlook and the priest who crosses that gets destroyed.

joan said...


Fr Michael in Illinois said...

...and then the U S Conference of Bishops wonders why they can't get more money for their fantastic projects like the "Catholic" Campaign for Human Development from the folks in the pews in the hinterland.....

Brantigny said...

What Dymphna said is true. This should not shaken your faith. Faith, true faith is the realtionship between you and God.

If any thing should be shaken it should be your respect of those "juring Priests".

The path to hell is paved with the skulls of errant priests, with those their Bishops' as signposts.

Pray hard.

Katherine said...

Not just priests, bishops and deacons, but both Pope Benedict XVI and John Paul II have given communion by their own hand to pro-choice politicans (Vendola and Rutelli).

It is time to come to terms with the reality that the Church is not going to support your call to withhold the eucharist.