Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dream Act Sabbath - A Boom or Bust?

This weekend was to be the HUGE Dream Act Sabbath education effort. There were suppose to be things happening at parishes in the Archdiocese, as well as, non Catholic places of worship.

At my parish, at the early Mass (attended by about 400 souls) there was NOTHING. Not a peep, not a word about the Dream Act. No bulletin insert. No bulletin announcement.

What happened at your parish?


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

No bulletin insert? Don't tell us the name of that parish, lest the trolls on the blog initiate action against that intrepid parish. But we had a bulletin insert that I just dissected. I'm also starting a "just say no" campaign. Pop on over.

Anonymous said...

We had an insert in our bulletin last week about the dream act. There was no preaching about it though. There was nothing said about it this week at our parish.

Katherine said...

The priest said communion would be denied to those not supporting the DREAM Act.

A WASHINGTONDC CATHOLIC said... are just toooo funny.

Now for all readers, Katherine is one of the owners of the Catholycs for Obama blog. So, don't get all crazy about her comments -- she is just trying to bait all of you into getting all worked up.

Anonymous said...

At my parish we got an insert (that no doubt our contributions to the poor paid for). In other parish news, the priest preached on the need and value of going to confession because we all have said to God we were going to do His will but then did our own. Then at the end of mass it was announced with apologies that confession would be cancelled next week because of the annual Saturday 5:00 pm outdoor pet blessing mass.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I've never attended the pet blessing mass so don't know if the pets get communion or not -- maybe just the hosts (or crumbs) that fall to the ground.

Katherine said...

The Blessing of the Animals is a Franciscan tradition.


Glad to learn you actually laugh. I wasn't sure.