Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Church According to Governor O'Malley

Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley’s recently announced his decision to support a bill to legalize gay “marriage” in the upcoming Maryland legislative session. This decision has been a spectacle, to be sure, considering his professed Catholic faith. But perhaps more shocking than his flip-flop on the issue is where this “evolution” of thinking has led him—to a place of complete contradiction with himself.

When his decision drew immediate criticism from the Catholic Conference of Maryland and from Baltimore Archbishop Edwin O’Brien, who called the act one of “pure political expediency,” O’Malley responded in a letter, saying, among other things, that he has come to view the policy of treating same-sex relationships different from marriages as “unjust.” In doing so he declared his sincere willingness to be seen as a sham from both sides of the gay marriage issue.

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NB: The only issue that I have with this article, is that it makes no mention of the failure by our Cardinal to call out O'Malley on this issue.

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