Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!

It has been four years since I started this blog.

It started out as a way of sharing my thoughts with those in this Archdiocese, as they did not like the fact that there were those who opposed some of their efforts and lack of ensuring that this is a Catholic church. And, this is not a plug for women's ordination, or any of that non-sense.

In some ways, I think I have made a difference. For example, I know that VOTF is not announcing their meetings in parish bulletins, but they are still meeting in parishes. It makes it just a bit more difficult for them. CCHD is more quiet these days, hurt by those of calling for a boycott and the embarrassment of giving money to pro-abortion and pro-gay groups. The Standard is a little more careful about profiling people, as well as, accepting certain advertisements.

In other ways, I know that things remain the same -- the honoring of pro-abortionists at Church sponsored events. Or honoring those who have messed up, such as the CCHD Director. Giving Holy Communion to pro-abortionists.

The Archdiocese is much more tight on information, as well as, how it gets out - a much more coordinated approach. Got to give them credit on it -- restrict the flow of information and make it a more coordinated effort. No photos of the Cardinal honoring pro-abortionists or showing Joe Biden receiving Holy Communion. Keep those things out.

The purpose of strengthening their Communications effort is showing fruit (even if it at times is rotten). They have increased their communication, moved into social networking, and using email much more.

Thank you for reading this blog. We cannot make a difference in this Archdiocese without you.

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