Friday, March 1, 2013

Something New...

Greetings Everyone:

I apologize to all for not posting as I should. 

The last few months (more like a year or so) have been quite busy.  Hopefully, by summer, I will have some more direction on some aspects of my life.   

I have been asked to periodically post on the (People's Republic of) Takoma Park Patch on religious topics. 

After some thought, I have accepted and will once a week attempt to publish an article.  Whenever, possible, I will post both here and over there.

Why did I accept?  It will give me a chance to get the word out to a slightly different and possibly larger audience.  If it does not work out, so be it and I will be back here only.

If you are interested in viewing my first posting, you may click here:

Let's take a few moments to pray for Pope Emeritus Benedict.   Let us also pray for those who will elect a new pope that the Holy Spirit guides and that they are not led astray by the evil one.


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