Thursday, March 28, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: St. Catherine Laboure Elementary School to Close

As you recall, this was one of the schools slated for closing a couple of years ago. 

It seems the Archdiocese is doing a good job of keeping this very quiet until the last minute.

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Anonymous said...

The Archdiocese has good reason to keep the news of the closing of Saint Catherine's under wraps as long as it can. Timely reporting of this situation might well wake people up about what is going on in Catholic education. Tragically, the Archdiocese has made substantial strategic errors for quite some time now. The educational establishment led by Cardinal Hickey,Cardinal McCarrick, Cardinal Wuerl, Thomas Burnford and others has focused too much of our support effort in parishes which have very few Catholic children. It's true that the Archdiocese provided support for Saint Catherine's over the years. Nevertheless, the amount of support given to Saint Catherine's would be dwarfed by the support offered to the schools in the center city consortium. Only one consortium school, Sacred Heart, has enough Catholic students to actually give the school a truly Catholic atmosphere. Just how long will we let this situation continue?