Friday, March 22, 2013

MCC in bed with those who seek to undermine the Catholic Church

Once again, the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) is willing to "hop into bed" in a manner of speaking with anyone who will support the end of the death penalty in Maryland, including those who do not support Church teachings.

The MCC has this LONG tradition of doing this.  From the days of Dick Dowling, now to Mary Ellen Russell, they seem to be willing to latch on to anyone, on any issue that they support.

As I pointed out to you a while back, the MCC is in bed with the NAACP (and had their interns proudly take photos with them) -- they are pro-abortion and pro-gay -- and now the Quixote Center, which supports women's ordination, etc.  

In fact, a reader pointed out to me that the MCC is a member of CASE of MD, which works to abolish the death penalty.  They are an umbrella group of organizations -- including pro-gay and pro-abortion.

I don't know why the MCC trusts the State of Maryland to keep criminals locked up.  Look what Homeland Security has done to illegal aliens, who have committed crimes.  They have released hundreds of them.

Maybe it is time we end the Maryland Catholic Conference. 


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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Not only end the MCC but the USCCB as well.