Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Don't Cry for Me MCC (Maryland Catholic Conference)

You know, I really hate to say this, but when you lie in bed with dogs, you get fleas.

The Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) and many in the Catholic Church have been supporting a large number of positions of the Democratic left in the Maryland legislature.  With each victory, such as with in-state tuition for illegal aliens, everyone "paying their fair share", gun control, the death penalty, radical environmentalism, the left becomes more and more emboldened.  

It seems that there is a new "fee" about the hit us and the MCC let us know:

The State of Maryland has mandated that ten local jurisdictions, including Montgomery County, impose new local fees, or taxes, on all property owners for "stormwater management." The State law exempts property owned by state and local governments, but applies to all other property owners, including nonprofits, churches, schools, and individuals. This new Rain Tax will be based upon the amount of "impervious surface area" on the property – building structures, driveways, sidewalks, pools, parking lots. Our schools and parishes will be severely impacted.

And since this Rain Tax is written as a fee, churches and nonprofits were not exempted. Read a commentary on the issue here.

At present, there are no exemptions for nonprofit, religious or charitable organizations, and the financial impact could be significant, particularly for those parish campuses that include large volumes of impervious surface area. In addition to the substantial financial impact on our schools, churches, and charitable organizations that rely largely on donations and provide badly needed services to our communities, we are gravely concerned that this tax represents an erosion of the tax exemption that churches rightly expect because of our charitable nature. We fear that the needs of government may lead them to levy more of our assets in the future, and we want to register our concerns now to stop any such diversion of our resources.

While we all share a desire for a clean and healthy Chesapeake Bay, the toll that this tax might exact on parish finances, is dramatic.

Montgomery County Council is considering how to implement the Rain Tax.

The Maryland Catholic Conference and those who voted for the radical left, have no one to blame but themselves.  And we all pay for it.  

Thank you MCC, you have increased our taxes once again.


Anonymous said...

In researching MCC involvement w/MD CASE (Citizens Against State Executions), I was appalled to find who was sitting on this board w/Mary Ellen Russell (executive director of MCC).
Note misleading way it lists Russell’s affiliation as “Annapolis, MD”. One could imagine she was on the board as a private citizen. However, Dick Dowling, her predecessor at MCC, was on the board in 2006:
Members break down into dissident Catholics who are working to overturn God’s law as expressed in the Bible (I include MCC), i.e. “the wages of sin is death”, Democrat and Union operatives, and families of murder victims who believe that taxpayer money spent to pursue justice should be given to families of the victims! Meanwhile it is groups like CASE making it so expensive to execute the law against criminals (VA & TX (for 2) don’t have this problem!)! So much for saving taxpayer money, Gov O’Malley - just another Democrat scheme to give tax money to voters!

-Jane Henderson, Executive Director a former Co-director of the Maryland-based Quixote Center and founder of the Center's Equal Justice USA program… “The Quixote Center, promotes liberation theology in this hemisphere. The Quixote Center, opposed to U.S. foreign policy, frequently poses as the "Catholic" voice to the media on U.S. involvement in Latin America. Member of Catholic Organizations for Renewal. Quixote Center is the parent group for Priests for Equality and Catholics Speak Out.” Sash Movement
-Peter Jones is the former director of the Labor Heritage Foundation and a former boycott organizer for the United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO. [i.e. support abortion & gay marriage. Also campaigns for Heather Mizeur (Catholic sponsor of gay marriage bill in Maryland) w/board member friend Holly Syrrakos.]

“It was a great pleasure to return to my old Takoma Park City Council ward last night for a meet-and-greet hosted by Holly Syrrakos and Peter Jones.”
Bonnita Spikes, Murder Victims' Family Members Organizer “From my personal experience struggling for good mental health care for my son, who suffered tremendously following my husband’s murder, I believe family survivors of murder victims would be much better served if the resources WASTED on the death penalty were used to provide quality mental health care for the victims and survivors of violence.”
Spikes works on the death penalty issue full time now. She has a grant from the Open Society Institute-Baltimore to cultivate opposition to capital punishment among the families of murder victims and the families of murderers.
A mother's story: Hate crime brings new bond with transgender child

Anonymous said...

MD Case Board
-Christa Beverly (Cheverly) - (wife of Rushern Baker PG County Exec)
-Sam Epps (Laurel) Sam Epps, an organizer for the Services Employees International Union Local 1199, which includes Maryland, said that initiatives like the in-state tuition bill are important steps to creating a pathway to citizenship for undocumented people who came to the U.S. as children, through no fault of their own, and toward immigration reform as a whole.
Sam Epps, another donor, was appointed by Mr. Baker to the board of trustees for the county’s library system.
Deborah Fleischaker (Silver Spring) [lawyer]
Stephanie Gibson (Chair, Baltimore) [prof at University of MD Baltimore]

-Trisha Kendall (Baltimore) Quixote Center/Equal Justice Worker!search/profile/person?personId=28272687&targetid=profile
Vivian Penda (Silver Spring) victim’s mother: If we are serious about helping victims' families, we should go ahead and repeal the death penalty, sparing them the agonizing wait for cases to come to an end. Eliminating the death penalty will also save the state money that could be reinvested to provide more meaningful care for the families of murder victims, something I know from personal experience is lacking now.

-Vicki Schieber (Co-Chair, New Market) Vicki Schieber (co-chair New Market) - believes state money should be used not to pursue justice but to honor victims: Second, and even more critical from a policy perspective, a vague focus on executions as the potential source of closure for families too often shifts the focus away from other steps that could be taken to honor victims and to help victims' families in the aftermath of murder. We have chosen to honor our daughter by setting up several memorials in her name - a scholarship at Duke University, and an endowment fund to replace roofs on inner city homes through the Rebuilding Together program in poor sections of our community, to name two.
-Melanie Share (Secretary, Columbia) Young Democrat
Scott Sokol (Baltimore County) Democrat Operative & Taxpayer Funded Abortion Supporter.
“Replied Sokol on Stuart`s behalf, ``I find that incredibly two-faced on his part. I cannot believe that he can say he is pro-choice when his record is completely the opposite. Of course, he realizes he can`t win a Democratic primary if he`s not pro-choice.`` ``Who says that a fundamental constitutional right only exists for those people who can afford to pay for it?`` Sokol argued. ``I find that horribly irresponsible.``
-Holly Syrrakos (Treasurer, Takoma Park) Friend w/staff member Peter Jones

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the state of Virginia (named for the protestant virgin queen) can execute criminals like the D.C. sniper at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time as the “Catholic” state of Maryland.
All across the country these murderers are being turned back onto the street because states governed by perverse spendthrift democrats faced w/budget cuts “can’t afford” to keep them locked up (or provide police or fire service either).

These psychopaths are also being turned back on the street by judges as callous and psychopathic as the killers:
“An Elkton teenager convicted of murdering a pregnant 26-year-old woman [mentally handicapped - prob preg w/teen's child] inside her Elkton townhouse last year will spend at least 20 years in prison after being sentenced Thursday. Retired Judge J. Frederick Price imposed a life sentence on 16-year-old Robert Mitchell Ervin before suspending all but 40 years. "(Your family) is going to lose you for a while and all because of a senseless act," Price told Ervin before sentencing him.” [20 yrs is “a while”-- somehow I don't think so!] 1/7/11
Meanwhile, TWO bishops testified to get rid of the death penalty: Lori & Madden. But which bishop testified on abortion regs last year? Which Bishop will testify this year? WHERE IS ANYTHING ON THE MCC site concerning The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act? Will the “catholic” Governor or Leader of the Senate, Mike Miller, let this bill proceed to the floor for a vote?
Today the light of life shines brightly in the state of Maryland.
Gushes Mary Ellen Russell “Could Maryland now begin to move toward acknowledging the obvious dignity of the most innocent among us — the child in the womb? We hope, pray and work for that day,” she continued." [Let's just see the MCC/bishops do it!!!!!!!!!!]
But neither she nor Cookie Harris (of MDRTL & “prolife” congressman’s wife!) mention SB456/HB1312 (The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act) and who is surprised?
It is BLACK NIGHT in Maryland and mainly because of Catholics and the MCC! Maybe to celebrate the end of the death penalty, Bishop Lori will follow the “holy” father by celebrating “holy” Thursday mass at a juvenile detention center and wash the feet of some juvenile murderers. Washing feet or seducing vulnerable youth who knows or cares what these “jesuits” are doing, but the Curran/O’Malley Democrat Union clan will be standing by to ensure no priest is arrested for any sex offenses committed against minors - while children are being murdered by repeat sex offenders -- oh yeah the LIGHT is shining bright in Maryland!