Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Archdiocesan Finance Council - A Question

The Archdiocese, like many parishes, has a Finance Council. Sometimes it may be called the Finance Committee. But no matter what the name, they usually have the same basic types of responsibilities.

In general, most finance councils usually review the needs, resources, and budget of the diocese and advises the Archbishop and CFO on the appropriate distribution of funds and on allocation adjustments where required. The usually meet on a regular basis - a couple of times per year.

The Council is made up of individuals whith a combination of expertise in accounting, finance, stewardship, and business management to serve responsible use of the monetary resources contributed by the diocese as a whole. They may have additional duties too, depending upon the diocese.

So, one of the questions that I am asking today is:

Why has the Archdiocese of Washington DC Finance Council allowed J. Michael Kelley to continue to serve in any capacity, once he was indicted.

There are only two possible explanations.

One, they advised Archbishop Wuerl to get rid of Mr. Kelly, and he has ignored their request.

Two, it does not phase them.

If Option One took place, then Archbishop Wuerl has shown very poor judgement in the handling of the finances of the Diocese. If so, this is another area in which he has lost credibility with the people of this Diocese and is no longer a good steward of our finances.

If Option Two took place, then both the Archbishop and Finance Council are no longer good stewards of our finances.

(to be continued tomorrow...)


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