Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Children's Videos...

When I was a child, the teacher would sometimes put on the television before the afternoon classes started. That was usually because we had to come in early due to the weather.

Most Catholic programming for children was pretty boring. In one show, with in a nautical themed set, a priest would basically talk for 15 minutes. He usually lost most of us about 30 seconds into the show.

However, the one show that all of us enjoyed was Davey and Goliath. Produced by the Lutheran Church, it would focus on the exploits of Davey and his faithful canine companion Goliath. Now, Goliath could talk but only Davey could hear him. Each episode would focus on a theme – sharing, treating others as you would yourself, etc.

Here is the link to an episode on YouTube.

So, what do we have today?

We have Veggie Tales.

Now, they are not specifically Catholic but they are something that everyone can watch, have a great time (and many good laughs) and never, ever worry about foul language or inappropriate behavior. (Yes, they are for the kids, but there are a number of things only adults will get, like Bug Bunny in the 40's.)

As they like to say: "Sunday Morning Values, Saturday Morning Fun!"

The two main characters are Bob (the Tomato) and Larry (the Cucumber). They are supported by a number of other characters, such as Junior Asparagus, and entertain you with stories from the Bible, as well as, a number of other modern day moral stories. For example, they did their version of David and Goliath (David & the Giant Pickle) and Daniel and the Lions Den. One of the more general stories ("Stuff Mart") is about Mrs. Blueberry who learns that having lots of possessions, does not make one happy and satisfied.

Of course, no Veggie Tale video is worth a grain of salt without a Silly Song from Larry. My favorites are "Cebu," "Dance of the Cucumber" and "The Water Buffalo Song."

You can find them on-line, at Christian Bookstores and even Walmart!


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