Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time to Boycott McDonald's

I use to be a big fan of the Golden Arches (aka McDonald's).

Like most kids, we saw it as a great treat. I remember getting a burger, fries and a coke for under a dollar. I remember getting $.15 and later $.07 back from that hard earned dollar.

As I got older, it was that it was quick and cheap.

Now, I go only when I have too. In other words, I am running late in the evening, I need something to put in me (as the song says "A 99 cent Heart Attack") quickly.

Well, now they have given me a really good reason not to go there.

Pass it along and just drive on by. I know I will.

Ray Krok must be turning over in his grave now.


Help defeat Montgomery County's Gender Identity Bill 23-07 this November. Go to http://notmyshower.net.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too bad I recently swore off junk food. If I get a craving, now I know where to go. Many transgender persons go unemployed and prostitute themselves for survival (food, shelter). McDonald's should be applauded for providing safe, legitimate employment for these misunderstood individuals!

If they are serving "heart attack on a platter", at least they're doing something right with the profits.