Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is the Catholic Standard Relevant?

Yesterday, I posted a blog on the above question with some of my thoughts.

As you have probably come to the conclusion, that I think that the Catholic Standard is only as relevant as the stories that it publishes. At the moment, it really is not relevant.

However, I think that this can change. Stories which really show how laws affect us living our faith (positive and negative), legislators who hurt us in allowing us to practice our faith or issues (listing those who voted against spending for Catholic education, for example), etc. The stories are just to bland, to boring, to late and in some instances, inaccurate.

For example, why did it take over three weeks for the story on the abortion by the Richmond Catholic Charities to get into the paper? What is our Diocese doing to ensure that this will not happen here?

Why don't we list lawmakers who did not vote for pro-Catholic school legislation?

Why did we praise a politician who was pro-abortion and who voted for a law that could force Catholic schools to hire transsexuals? Yet, made no mention of those facts were made or a note to correct it.

I want to hear from the people of the Archdiocese of Washington DC and have posted a survey on this issue.

If you are not from this Archdiocese, I would kindly ask if you would refrain from voting. (Honor system in effect.)

I will keep this unscientific poll open until August 5th.

If you would like to comment on this poll, please do so.


vh said...

Thanks for this blog.

I am Montco parishioner

I read the Standard for events news such as talks, concerts, spiritual happenings. Unfortunately on a number of occasions notice has been published after the event. The news part is pretty bland.

Anonymous said...

The only reason the Catholic Standard is relevant is so we can see what complete disstain and contempt the Archdiocese has for the Catholics in its community. This piece of journalistic propaganda is only useful in the sense that we get a glimps at what the Archdiocese thinks we need to to know, on the idea of "bread and circuses". Reading between the lines has become a fun, new "parlor game". Meanwhile the Archdiocese is busy creating the biggest closing of Catholic schools and parishes in the Archdiocene history. Sadly, the worst is yet to come.


To Anon:

I agree with you.

As I have said on a number of occassions, Archbishop Wuerl is a consolidator. Southern Maryland needs to watch out!

Anonymous said...

After reading the book "Making Smart Decisions" by Robert E. Gunther the Catholic Standard's lack of true information makes more sense. Mr. Gunther states;"We need to ask ourselves, "What information is missing?" Beware of those that make deliberate attempts to obscure information... could one piece of information change the way we look at a problem?...we need to begin asking, what is missing and what can this missing data tell us." In other words why does the Catholic Standard pander to us? Why is the Catholic Standard content to say absolutly nothing?

Ponderant Scribe said...

The Catholic Standard is really more of a community newsletter than a true newspaper. You can find the nice stories about the good work of our archdiocese's youth, superficial stories about the opening of a new parish or anniversary of an old one, stories about special celebrations and the obligatory obituaries of the area religious.

However, REAL editorial perspective and hard news content would require an independent and professionally run news organization. And, you should never confuse the Catholic Standard with that.

Dymphna said...

Catholic Standard is nearly worthless. I too only read it for the announcments of events. Otherwise it's no better than a company press release.