Thursday, July 24, 2008

Help Stop the MoCo Transgender Bill

The Montgomery County Council has approved the referendum language that will go on the ballot to stop the MoCo Transgender Bill.

Although the Citizens for a Responsible Government are fighting hard to stop this bill, which will discriminate against those who believe that this is an immoral lifestyle, they are fighting the well funded gay lobby. There is still a court challenge going on but with the grace of God, it will be defeated.

I have sent in a check, I hope that you will too:

By the way, remember, that one of the people who voted for this bill was the same person that the Catholic Standard, the Maryland Catholic Conference and the pastor of St. John the Baptist lauded.

And, you should note, that there has not even been one word in the Catholic Standard about this? Not one word.

For shame on the Archbishop and Mr. Zimmerman.


Help defeat Montgomery County's Gender Identity Bill 23-07 this November. Go to


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Anonymous said...

Transgenderism, like homosexuality is not a choice or a "lifestyle". These people were not born with the same gender orientation matching their outside appearance. As Christians, we should err on the side of compassion. As a Christian, I have researched this phenomenom for 5 years. Why would these people "choose" to be ostricized by family, church and set themselves up for emotional and physical abuse including hate crimes, homicide and suicide. Do your research. Have compassion for those who are born differnt. Would you say someone born with varient genes that produced the effect of no arms as "immoral". It is not a choice, not something that can be changed. How many conversations have you had with a transgendered person?