Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How Did Archbishop Wuerl Vote?

As some of you may have been following, a new translation of the liturgical prayers found in the Roman Missal has been under way.

According to Catholic World News:

In a mail-in ballot, support for the proposed translation fell well short of the two-thirds required for approval by the US bishops' conference. The mail ballot became necessary because of an inconclusive vote at a June meeting of the episcopal conference.

The proposed translation was for "Proper" prayers for the Mass: the prayers for particular feasts and liturgical seasons. The US bishops have already given their consent to an English translation of the unchanging prayers of the "Ordinary;" that translation now awaits final approval from Rome.

The vote marks the first outright rejection of a translation of the new Missal submitted to the US bishops for their approval. The bishops' liturgical committee will now solicit proposed changes in the text and submit a revised translation to the bishops at their November 2008 meeting.

So, will we learn how Archbishop Wuerl voted on this?

Personally, I am not holding my breath that an answer will be forthcoming but would not be surprised to find out that he voted against the proposed translation.

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