Thursday, September 17, 2009

Archbishop Wuerl and Healthcare

In an Op Ed Piece in Politics Daily (Health Care Reform a Moral, Imperative, But Must Cover Immigrants, Too), Archbishop Wuerl has decided to jump into the health care debate. He does in a left of center, on-line publication.

I have a couple of bones to pick with him and this article.

1. The current health care system does not cover only a few. It covers a majority of the people.
2. If health care is a basic human right, then what are the basic responsibilities of humans to the system? This is a question I keep meaning to ask everyone who says this. Does it mean we should not eat at McDonald's? Does it mean we should not have any alcohol? Does it mean we should not eat BBQ pork ribs? No one ever explains it, and neither does the Archbishop.
3. What does universal health care mean? Does it mean free eyeglasses every two years? Does it mean kidney transplants for one and all? Are you telling me that health care is not universal right now? You mean you cannot get health care anywhere? Could have fooled me.
4. Well, once again, the Archbishop leaves out the word "illegal" when he discusses immigration. Why? Because he refuses to state that those who are here illegally should be arrested and deported.

I would agree with him that health care costs too much. It is because of lawsuits, the waste and mismanagement and fraud of Medicare and Medicaid and the cost of taking care of those who are here illegally.

The same people who gave us the current health care system are the same people who want to give us this. Who do you think one of the key sponsors of the HMO laws wasy? Teddy Kennedy.

The Archbishop has much more to worry about in his diocese than jumping into this. He has VOTF meeting in his parishes, he has parishes which are pro-homosexual marriage, school enrollment is dropping with the possibility of closings in January/February, he has schools and Catholic organizations within the diocese honoring those who are pro-abortion and pro-homosexual lifestyle. He refuses to take a stand against Catholic politicians who go against the Church. In fact, he himself goes about honoring union leaders who support abortion and homosexual marriage.

He thinks that he can save Catholic health care. Maybe get it more money. He is sadly mistaken. Once you have made a deal with the devil, you can never get out of it.

We need a new Archbishop or Cardinal for this Archdiocese.

Hat Tip to The Deacon's Bench for this.

Because of the continuing scandal at ACORN, I am asking all my readers and Catholic bloggers to once again to call for the shutting down of CCHD. Once shut down, reform it, so that money goes only to Catholic organizations that are faithful to the Church, not to organizations that may go against the teachings of the Church. The only way that Archbishop Wuerl and the members of the USCCB will get the message is if we stop funding them.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway lay people can ask Rome for a new Archbishop?How about bringing Bishop Martino out of retirement and send him here.Seriously,can we write a petition to Rome about this???

Anonymous said...

Lay people can ask Rome for a new Archbishop, but in the case of Wuerl, you have to catch him in some concrete transgression. We are watching him carefully. The man has made some mistakes which he has tried to cover up. it could be that some of those mistakes will blow up in his face in the next few weeks or so. Watch this space for information.