Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shouldn't We Ensure that Social Security is okay?

As you know, Archbishop Wuerl has thrown his zucchetto into the health care debate by having an on-line "newspaper" publish his editorial on the subject.

Now, I know that I have been critical of him, but as an American and as the leader of Roman Catholic Church in Washington DC/Maryland, he has a right to do so. I would never, ever, take that away from him. Just as I would not take away David Catania's right to talk about homosexual marriage. He has the right to speak on it and advocate it, even though his is wrong.

However, we have problems brewing more and more with Social Security. You can read about it here. In fact, I found it interesting that

In 1940 there were 160 workers supporting each person on Social Security. By 2006 this number had fallen to 3.3 workers per pensioner. By 2034, there will be only 2.1 workers for each person collecting a government retirement check. (Source)

Now, some of you will say "but those people have paid into that." That is true, but what they have really done is get a promisary note -- they may not get their money back -- since there is no "lock box" or real trust fund. It is just a bunch of IOU's.

Don't you think that we should ensure that Social Security, which so many people rely upon, should be a priority to fix? Should not the Archbishop call for fixing Social Security and against any health care reform? Should not the Archbishop call for a fixing of Medicare and Medicaid first?

I think that we should fix what we have, before attempting socialized medicine.

I am calling on all Catholics, to request that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) be shut down. Not certain what I mean or why, then read this.

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