Sunday, September 6, 2009

Archbishop Wuerl Honors Pro-Abortionist, Pro-Homosexual Advocate

On Wednesday, Sept. 2nd, I wrote to you about the fact that John Sweeney, of the AFL-CIO would be honored by Georgetown University Law Center. Mr. Sweeney was to be honored despite his organization’s advocacy for homosexual “marriage” and laws mandating employee insurance coverage for contraceptives.

I questioned why he would be honored and why the Archbishop did not do anything about it.

Now I know why. Because the Archbishop joined in the post-honor celebration!

According to the

It’s rare for a major university like Georgetown to grant honorary degrees. But rare are individuals like AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. Last night in a formal robe and gown ceremony followed by a celebration with Archbishop Donald Wuerl in Georgetown’s elegant Riggs Library, Georgetown University President John DeGioia conferred upon Sweeney the degree, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

I guess the Archbishop's request that Catholic universities do not honor those who go against our Catholic teaching was put on the side for the moment.

No wonder why the Archbishop was silent.

For shame Archbishop Wuerl, for shame!


Anonymous said...

There is no chance that Archbishop Wuerl will ever be consistent in his actions as regards Church teachings on human sexuality and the right to life.

Anonymous said...

I guess he will never change. That makes us doomed.

john said...

Wuerl is a disaster. He has always been a disaster. Since LONG before his sad DC appointment. He was [trustingly?] "appointed" by this current Pope way back in the horrid "faithless Bishop Hunthausen days" in Seattle, when I lived there and married Betty there at St. Ann's Church in 1972, to "sit" on, as the co-adjutor bishop, the Left-wing apostacy of that heretic, who, inter alia, wrongly allowed Catholics to marry without the Pre-Cana training, subjecting us to disappointment and even divorce and childlessness and grandchildlessness, and broken lives, just as the "dominated by homosexuals" US and Irish and English and Australian and Canadian and some New Zealand clergy---and the Jesuits and the Dominicans!---are and have been, for decades, preying upon and committing criminal homosexual adultery with, 10's of thousands of young Catholic men. This is also how, in part, they subverted the seminaries, with many of those victims being admitted to those seminaries, to make these clerical perverts' deadly adulteries "more convenient" for themselves right there in the rectories---all of which we the faithful laymen have been PAYING for! There are good rules for the Church's rules and requirements. Later the cowardly Wuerl publicly complains that he did not like that job. "Poor baby!" He is totally derelict in his sworn duties to God. He MUST be stopped, removed, and defrocked and taken off the payroll and excommunicated, just like McCarrick and Mahony, et al. of the multi-decade NYC heretical cabal MUST also be, immediately.

john said...

So sadly, Wuerl is a pal of Dr. Scott Hahn, whom I had for 5 courses at the Protestant seminary, DTI, in 1982-3, and to whom I asked that "now famous" question about "Sola Scriptura" which helped Scott on his way "Home to Rome", in our Gospel of John course and class. I would have hoped that Scott could have persuaded Wuerl over these decades since their "joint" days in Pittsburg, to actually become and act like a Christian and a Catholic. But sadly, that seems not to be the case. When Wuerl sides with the billions in Federal taxpayer monies from and with those pro-abortionist and actually NON-Catholic politicians like Peolsi and Obey, et al., against our innocent unborn babies who are daily mass-murdered by abortion, God clearly says that he is "anathema". Get Wuerl OUT of Christ's Church. this is NOT Wuerl's church, to do what he pleases with millions of human lives.

Anonymous said...

John, it is so sad that the day after Christ's birth, you have to go online and bash someone that you obviously don't know personally. Go get a life and do something good for others instead of spending time online spitting out lies.....