Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CHA and Archbp Wuerl - Free Health Care for All Now!

Recently, Archbishop Wuerl has called for universal health care for all. Sr. Carol Keehan of the Catholic Healtcare Assn. has done so for months. Of course, there are many more who have done so for a while

In concept, this is a wonderful idea. In reality, what they are all doing is relying on the government to create another entitlement to be paid for by people like me. Considering how the government is running Medicare, Medicade, and Social Security, do you really think that they can run it better than it is being run now?

Therefore, I call on Archbishop Wuerl and Sr. Carol Keehan to ask -- no require -- all Catholic hospitals and medical facilities to offer FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL NOW.

That's right, it is time (as the saying goes) "to put your money where your mouth is!"

If you really believe that we are in crisis mode, then offer free health care to everyone who walks in to all 600 plus hospitals and medical facilities, regardless of their ability to pay. Offer it to citizens, legal immigrants and illegal immigrants.

Offer free check-ups, free prescription drugs, free eye glasses, free surgeries, free mental illness programs. Offer all of them for free. No questions asked.

Don't worry about the cost because remember, health care is in crisis mode. You should be doing whatever you can to help solve the crisis. In fact, you may want to ask all of the union members (esp. those who work in hospitals) to take a 5% reduction in their pay to cover these costs. I mean, the union bosses tell us they support it, so the too should show that they are really committed to this.

If this issue is that important to you, then do it. Stop the talking. Don't wait for the government to do it. Show that you mean what you say.

I dare you.


UPDATE (9am)

From the I TOLD YOU SO Desk: USCCB's Social Justice Arm Caught Funding Pro-Abortion/Prostitution Groups: Takes "Decisive" Action in Response.

Does anyone not think we should shut this down and redirect the funds?

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