Thursday, December 10, 2009

Abortion is Preventative Care

Yep, so says Sen. Mikulski, who tells everyone she was raised a Catholic. Read more about it from LifeNews.

Once again, I am calling on all faithful Catholics to vote against her when her term is up.

The USCCB is getting hoodwinked here by supporting "universal health care." They have no idea what they are up against.


Ms Daisy said...

What a lovely picture you have displayed. Certainly displays “real” Christian values. Funny, but it’s actually the same one many white supremacist use. I’m not sure how I ended up being re-directed to this blog, but what I see here doesn’t surprise me.

Just FYI:

Blocking health care reform will never reduce the numbers of abortions that are done in this country. Abortion for many is not a choice that anyone wants to make, but unfortunately sometimes a necessary choice. I worked as a nurse in Family Practice for many years and saw lots of women w/o access to proper care have to make that very difficult choice. (Yes including Catholics)

If women had access to proper “preventive” care, including contraception the numbers of unintended pregnancies would be greatly reduced. And yes, regardless of your personal religious beliefs, both abortion and contraception are both legal.

I would not in any way ever deny you or any of your fellow Catholics (or anyone else for that matter) the right to live your life as you see fit as it pertains to your own beliefs. But please answer me why you think that what you believe should be pushed off onto the lives of those who have just as much right to their own beliefs (and privacy) as you do to yours?

My post on the Nelson amendment rejection, I welcome your response.


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Yes, it is a lovely picture and maybe it is used by some White Suprmacists, so what. It was created by someone who was not a white supremacist, which makes it even more special to use


Ms Daisy said...

My, my, those good Christian values of yours are just oozing aren’t they? I see that in the midst of your ramblings you neglected to answer the question I asked. Which was, why you think that you have the right to force your beliefs off onto the lives of others? And how you can expect to have your rights respected when you have no respect for anyone else’s legal rights. But I guess I can see the answer. You are totally brainwashed in that it’s the Catholic way, or no way. You church is all that matters and what anyone else thinks or believes is totally irrelevant. Apparently you couldn’t care less about anyone that does not follow what “you” believe.

You commented about half-truths and lies. Well, doesn’t that about sum up that Catholic Church? Maybe you should ask some of it’s “victims” what they think. Lets look at some of the “facts” of your beloved institution over the last 25 years. Fact, the Catholic Church (in the US alone) has made settlement payments to victims of abuse in the amount of $2,069,179,500.00. That comes out to $6,897,265.00 per month, every month for 25 years! (Imagine that)

Don’t you wonder how much of your personal money was used for that? Of course this does not include all the “hush” money the church has paid out under the table in further attempts to cover up for and protect all the church pedophiles that dress priestly robes, at the expense of innocent children of course. After all the precious reputation of the church is much more important than the suffering of its victims.

This figure does include by the way settlements paid to 16 victims in Washington DC by 8 different pedophile priests, namely; Edward Hartel, Paul Lavin, Thomas Schaeffer, Alphonsus Smith, Edward Pritchard, James Finan, Robert Petrella, and Raymond Callahan. (Any friends of yours?)

See for yourself.

Liberal pabulum? Well, it’s better than religious diatribe.

Have a happy holiday, and keep putting lots of money in the basket! Lots more payoffs to come I’m sure.