Monday, December 21, 2009

St. Catherine Laboure to Stay Open?

I received word that St. Catherine's would remain open for another year. This was announced at the Christmas performance at the school late last week.

Have others heard this?


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't they be open? They are working very hard to fund for the school so it seems appropriate that they be open. Just because a shift of pastors and a late recognition of a growing debt does not mean that they will sacrifice their one of a kind education.


I am attempting to verify that the information I received is correct.

If it is, I am very happy to hear that, considering things were/are very dire and from some of the behind the scenes actions.


As usual, I hit the ENTER key before I could complete my thoughts. It should read:

...and from some of of the behind the scenes actions that took place, that I am aware of.

So, I am always very happy to hear that a Catholic school is remaining open. As I have always said, it is not only a social justice issue but one that helps keep parishes vibrant.

Hopefully, they will be able to sustain it for the long run? And what role is the Archdiocese playing in this?

Anonymous said...

The financial and moral support of the principal, devoted, humble teachers, longtime parishioners, and hopeful parents have made a mark and hopefully a future for St. Catherine's and the Archdiocese.