Friday, December 4, 2009

Buy Religous Christmas Stamps!

Each year, I head over to the Post Office and purchase Christmas stamps. Now, I don't purchase two or three booklets, just for the Christmas cards. I purchase 20 or 30 booklets and I only purchase the religous ones - Madonna and Child.

I do so for three reasons. First, the Post Office is a business and the more you purchase of a particular product, it will more than likely continue to carry that product and stock more of it. Second, it sends a message that Christ is the reason for this time of year. Firally, I use them on all generic mailings after Christmas to again remind everyone that Christ is the key to eternal life.

So, go out and purchase your stamps today!


UPDATE: Our colleagues at Restore DC Catholicism have posted videos on the Montgomery County Council hearings on the attempt to stifle the Pregnancy Centers. Take a look and see the lies told by Planned Parenthood and some of our representatives.

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