Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today's Washington Post

Some of you probably have read the Metro section of today's Washington comPost and the story entitled: Archbishop takes a reluctant turn in the spotlight - Tactics in same-sex marriage controversy concern D.C. Catholics.

In looking at the story, there are two things that I noticed. First, that the writer did not say that the Archdiocese will continue to serve the poor with the available resources. They will do without the contracts and the money from those contracts. Second, that they only interviewed one "Catholic": Ron Castaldi of the "left-leaning Holy Trinity parish" (the author hit that nail on the head!). Don't know if Kevin Chavous is Catholic or not (the main websites do not indicate any religous affiliation).

Although I have not agreed with much of what the Archbishop has done, I do hope that he holds firm on this one.


Jean-Therese Delacroix said...

Hey, Jean-Therese from across the Potomac here.

Newsflash: Apparently, the DC Council has voted for this bill. Now, there's a second vote on Dec. 15 before it gets signed by Fenty. However, it's probably going to pass anyway.

Good luck for Catholic Charities. I think they're going to have to fulfill their promise to pull out if this bill passes without amendment. (The DC Council seems too determined to let this pass.)

Mr Flapatap said...

First, I need to apologize for not believing you outright and going to check the article for the quote "left-leaning Holy Trinity parish". It is indeed there but still hard to believe that the "left-leaning" descriptor has been used by the WaPo.