Monday, December 7, 2009

Did Archbishop Wuerl honor Pro-Abortionists & Pro-Gay Media Members?

According to this week's Catholic Standard, Archbishop Wuerl presented a check to the a group of religious before the annual SOAR (Support our Aging Religious) Dinner.

Note that the Catholic Standard was very careful NOT to say (1) who the honorees were and (2) did not come out and say if he actually attended the dinner. (Wonder if the caption for the photo on page 12 was written by the Standard or the Office of Communications?)

As you may be aware of, I pointed out the fact in August that SOAR would honor Cokie and Stephen Roberts - both whom support abortion, homosexual marriage and have publicly criticised the Pope.

Personally, I believe that he did attend the dinner, which is really terrible. What type of message does it send to the faithful? That is it okay to honor those who support these terrible things because they donate money to us? It is just like the way the Archbishop honored John Sweeney.

Now, if he did not attend the dinner, I would love to receive some communication from the Archdiocese but I doubt that they will.

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