Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cardinal's Appeal 2011

This past Sunday, most of us heard the message from the Cardinal for the 2011 Appeal.

You also heard from your pastor, who probably read from the "homily" prepared by the Office of Communication.

The message was to give, to give generously and for XYZ reasons.

As in previous years, I will not give. Not that I think that the Cardinal is going around and partying with the funds. Nor do I believe that what it supports are necessarily bad things.

But as a matter of principal, for what I call the lack of leadership of His Eminence, I will not give. I made that pledge a couple of years ago, and have held fast to it.

However, I will not spend the $$ drinking or on new clothes. I will take what I would give, and give it to a Catholic charity that I believe will do good. It may be one of the ones supported in the Appeal. It may not.

One thing that I noticed about the Appeal, is that the amount of funds pledged (and actually donated) has increased each year over the last five, but the number of donors has remained about the same.

Over the last five years, the number of donors has fluctuated between a high of 47,000+ to a low of 43,000+. So, those who are contributing, are contributing more. The Archdiocese must have some good info on the cause of that.

Once again, I am urging each and everyone one of you not to give to the Cardinal's Appeal but take that money and give directly to a good Catholic charity of your choice. It could be St. Ann's Home or maybe your local Catholic school (my recommendation). Or maybe to a priest whom is serving overseas.

Just do it.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to take this time to suggest the Cardinal Kung Foundation, for the sake of the true Roman Catholic Church in China which happens to be under persecution, and therefore, underground. The money that you in donate in Mass stipends and the such first goes to legitimate hands in Connecticut.

There is also Aid to the Church in Need, founded in 1948 and directly under the supervision of the Holy Father. Its USA headquarters is in Brooklyn.

These are two very important charities.