Thursday, March 24, 2011

What a difference a Leftist President Makes!

With the war in Irag and Afghanistan, the photos of the Army "Kill Team" with the bodies of civilians and the military action in Libya, I was thinking (and that can be dangerous): Where is the Catholic Left?

Remember, just a few years ago, the Social Justice/Catholic Left crowd were writing letters to the editors, calling for the impeachment of President Bush, taking out full page ads, staging protests in front of the White House (remember Fr. Nangle), getting arrested, and keeping it in everybody's face.

So, my question to all of you are: Where the hell are you today?

All I hear is the sound of crickets.

Have you checked out the Pax Christi website? Nothing on Libya or Iraq. How about the Franciscan Peace Network? Not much on the war. Catholics United? Nope, nothing. NETWORK? A little on Afghanistan.

It seems that they are too busy worrying about illegal aliens, OBAMACARE and union thugs in Wisconsin. (Don't seem to see them condeming the death threats against the Republican state senators or the Governor, do we????)

What a difference a leftist president makes.

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