Saturday, March 5, 2011

Help Stop SB167

It is amazing how the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) will not tell you the whole truth about this bill.

You may have gotten an URGENT notice from them (with my comments):

SB 167 would extend in-state tuition rates at community colleges to Maryland high school graduates who are academically-eligible. (Sounds very good and uplifting.) The bill, entitled "Higher Education - Tuition Charges - Maryland High School Students," would make a college education possible for a new generation of immigrant (NOTE that they did not say illegal alieans -- which is what their legal status in the US is. This is comment should NOT be taken as against those who are here legally, which is what the MCC does to attack those who oppose it. It is just like crying "RACIST.") Marylanders and would give these young people one of America's most prized gifts - opportunity. (Well then, why should they cut the line ahead of those who are waiting patiently to get in. Why not offer in-state tuition to everyone? At what cost is it to those who are here legally and to taxpayers? Don't taxpayers have a say in this matter? Don't the children of those here legally have an opportunity?)

The bill would extend in-state tuition eligibility at community colleges to Maryland high school graduates whose parent or guardian have paid Maryland income taxes, who have attended at least 2 years of high school in Maryland, and who sign an affidavit stating that they will apply for permanent residency within 30 days of becoming eligible to do so, among other conditions. (Notice, that they make no mention that they people are here illegally. Why only two years? Why not seven or ten years? Who the hell made up the two year number? Note that they are allowed to cut the line in front of everyone else -- so much for fair play. Notice how they are supporting those who break our laws. Just file a couple of papers and we will look the other way. Oh, and who is really paying the bill on this -- those who are taxpayers.)

This legislation would help lift up all people so that together we can make America stronger and healthier for future generations. (But what about those who abide by the law and come in legally? Don't they count. Guess Not.)

You notice how the MCC is still in bed with Casa of Maryland. There is a nice link on the MCC's website.

If the Catholic Church would support the laws against illegal aliens, this death would have never taken place.

Once again, I am calling for the shut down of the MCC.

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