Thursday, March 10, 2011

SB116 - The Fight is Still On! Help Stop It!

From the Maryland Family Council...

Dear Family Friend:

It's not over!!!!

The Vote has been delayed again!!!

Here is an update on The Civil Marriage Protection Act (SB 116). Please pass along this message to your people that their physical presence has made a difference! We still have an ability to stop this bill the House. We need you!!!!The House voted today on a 2nd read of the bill and it passed. No amendments were taken. The final vote will happen FRIDAY! We need to have people come out for the vote and one last opportunity to try and stop the bill in the House!

We need EVERYBODY to come out and be present in Annapolis in House chambers on Friday (March 11th) from 10:00-1:00. We need to fill the chambers of the House! Also here is a refined target list of delegates to target today, tomorrow and Friday. There has been an enormous amount of pressure on the issue from House leadership and perhaps even the Governor himself to vote for the bill.Please take a few moments to contact the below representatives in your district.

Thank you for all you have done and are doing to preserve the definition of marriage. Together we can make a difference!

Maryland Family Council President

Joseph F. Vallario, Jr. (Democrat, District 27ACalvert & Prince George’s), (301) 423-8100
Delegate Veronica Turner (D26 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3212,(301) 858-3212
Delegate John Olszewski, Jr. (D6 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3458, (301) 858-3458
ERIC M. BROMWELL (Democrat, District 8, Baltimore County)House Office Building, Room 415,(410) 841-3766, (301) 858-3766e-mail:
RUDOLPH C. CANE (Democrat, District 37A, Dorchester & Wicomico Counties)House Office Building, Room 364,(410) 841-3427, (301) 858-3427e-mail:
ANA SOL GUTIERREZ (Democrat, District 18, Montgomery County)House Office Building, Room 220, (410) 841-3181, (301) 858-3181e-mail:
ROBERT A. COSTA (Republican, District 33B Anne Arundel County)House Office Building, Room 159, (410) 841-3551, (301) 858-3551e-mail:
Delegate Tawanna Gaines (D22 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3058,(301) 858-3058
Delegate James Proctor, Jr. (D27A, Calvert & Prince George's Counties), (410) 841-3083, (301) 858-3083
Delegate Kriselda Valderrama (D26 Prince Georges County) * Judiciary, (410) 841-3210, (301) 858-3210
Delegate Melody Griffith (D25 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3557, (301) 858-3557
Delegate Melvin Stukes (D44 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3544, (301) 858-3544 Delegate Marvin Holmes (D23B Prince Georges), (410) 841-3310, (301) 858-3310
Delegate Nathaniel Oaks (D41 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3283, (301) 858-3283
Delegate Barbara A. Robinson ( D40 Baltimore City) (410)841-3520 (301)858-3520


It is imperative for you to contact the above mentioned delegates and tell them to vote NO on the Civil Marriage Protection Act (SB116).


Kristen said...

Thanks for posting this info! I found you on a google search. I am not Catholic, but I am concerned about the same issues and want to see them addressed Biblically. My husband was on his way to the town hall meeting tonight in our area when we found out it was canceled. Thanks again.

Steve said...

Yeah thanks! I'm not gay so this has no impact on me whatsoever yet brought great benefits to gay couples, but I hate the idea of people being treated equally if I find them gross. I think it's pretty clear that if Jesus Himself were here, He'd be devoting a lot of His time to antagonizing gay couples. That was pretty much His main message, I think. I mean there was some other crap about treating our neighbors as if...something...I don't really remember. I just remember that he ended all his sermons with, "And don't forget how much I hate gay dudes! Because it's a lot."